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The satisfaction of the customers of is a
fundamental component of our philosophy and the basis of our success.

A small selection of feedback from our customers below!
The quality is top notch and more than worth every penny spent on the service. Not only do you get the best service you could ever imagine. You also get professional and friendly advice about your class and what equipment/gem/enchants/talents/glyph too focus on obtaining. Contact is also maintained through the whole service, and even questions that would seem to be "Noobish" are answered in a calm and understanding fashion, leaving you completely sure whats going on all the time and on top of the situation. Not once did I run into any problems, and thats saying alot taking into consideration the time the service stretches on (A whole season). Be sure that you will receive the best service there is, with a professional team behind him and a personal experience without par, it dosent get any better!

Was a real pleasure, I hope to buy from you again!

Kickass seller. Will never buy from anybody else.

I purchased a 2v2 Gladiator Boost last season. The service was provided of extremely high quality. The games were played each week at a time of our choosing. The win/loss ratio was very impressive, 10-0 each week is the norm for these guys.
I was able to join their Ventrilo server with my partner to listen to the games being played - this is a really nice feature as you can learn alot from how they approach different teams/discuss tactics etc.
I really cannot praise the service enough, this service is well worth the asking price.


RLY amazing i bought 3vs3 2200 personal (t2 weapon) i got my rating in 1 day (he just logged in for 4h) insane win/lose ratio. If ur looking for arena service believe me u cant find better than him. I deeply respect him for his kindness, his skills and the time he spend explaining every thing for me.
Very nice guy I strongly recommend him

Bought 1800. Very trustworthy and prompt with service. Recommend him to anyone.

i definitively recommend this service! 0 to 2200 very easy in 2vs2 braket.
i take points every week with service 10 matches per week.
Thank you man, not expensive, very pro !

Got service for 2 chars to 1850. Ace service, fast as hell, ob was in a couple of hours.
Also logged onto vent when they did the first 10 matches or so, learned alot from just listening to how they countered the opposition.

I would like first to thank arenarating for their professional services and all the help they provided to me during my coaching sessions with them.

I've been playing wow since day one, only 2 months ago, i got tired of losing in 1v1 fights in my dk! even tho i saw other people winning, but i was blaming it on cata, as i didnt play 6 months prior to cata.

So i wanted someone to teach me and tell what i'm doing wrong, but no one would offer any useful tips or help on the realm - even when u ask in a very polite way!

By mistake, i saw arenarating add here, and decided to give it their Coaching services a try. I wasnt sure on how this will help, but believe me i was very surprised in so many aspects!

1. They are professional
2. Friendly
3. They follow up with you, and dont mind you asking them questions after session.
4. They want to help you and want you to be better - you dont feel as if they were chained to a chair and forced to teach/talk to you!
5. They know what they are doing/saying!! and they can prove it , by showing you while dueling other players !

Thats pretty much it, i know for sure that i'll be continuing using their services in every season !

Thank you guys, and keep on the good work !


Since 2007 I have my own company and when our son was born, there was/is alot less time for WoW.
So, I bought the arena service after being in doubt throughout most of season 7. Since I took a break after s6 for obvious reasons. It was either quit completely, or have someone keep the char up to date in arena. I choose for option 2.

Had myself a chat with loads and loads of questions (yes I was sceptical), did research on the internet and gave the ok sign.

Had to transfer the char, so there was nobody I knew that could keep an eye out or anything, so I felt a little bit paranoia at first.

After a week and a half, the games started and I was given the opportunity to listen on vent... It sounded so easy (though started at 1k personal rating), and it was easy since they played 35-1 (till 1800), the first week. I checked ofcourse, and everything looked normal and ok (it takes time to trust someone on the account you have put alot of work and time in). They kept playing 10 games per week after that untill I had enough points to get the t2 wpn. so, up from 2200 every week and finally got 2400+ (which was not glad material ofcourse).

In the last week, it was exciting, since I still was wondering if they would make it (was promised money back guaranteed if they didn't). But if they could not make it, they should have not be doing business with me, unless they where scammers. I was on holiday the last weekend and came back tuesday evening late. Logged on my MSN and saw the line:
glad 100 % secured

We wanna congratulate you on your title and hope to do business with you again next season.

I'd say, a job well done. I think I will be using the service again next season. From my own experience, I would definately recommend it.


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