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Rated BG Boosts

2200, 2400+, Hero of the alliance/horde

We are proud to announce that we are finally able to offer RBG Boosts!
Those have numerous advantages:

  1. RBG Rating is permanent! Your RBG Rating will stay the same until the season end, no matter how often you migrate or faction change.

  2. 2. RBG gets you a very high conquest point cap! Just 1 game each week is necessary to keep the cap of 3000+ (doesn’t matter if it is a win or loss).

  3. 3. There are several titles for RBG rating – want high warlord, grand marshal and hero of the alliance / horde? No problem!

  4. 4. With those achievements and the high RBG rating you are finally able to join top PvP teams, to do some high-end PvP yourself – a lucrative investment!

We offer the following boosts :

2200 RBG Rating

With 2200 Rating you are getting access to T2 weapons and the complete Elite-set-gear. The weekly Cap will be increased to over 3000.

270 €

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2400+ Rating & “Hero of the alliance/horde”

Our recommendation

The ultimate RBG Boost. We sky-rocket you to the highest spots in RBG and guarantee you the titles‚ hero of the alliance/horde and grand marshal/high warlord! The equivalent of the gladiator titles from arena. This offer is our luxury offer in the area of RBGs.

390 €

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