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Gladiator packages


With this service, we earn the gladiator title for you. The gladiator title is deemed THE status symbol in WoW for PvP. The title gives you respect on battlegrounds and your character will be better supported.

Furthermore it is the basis for finding other gladiators as team mates in order to play on a higher level in the next season and maybe even to earn the gladiator title on your own.

Gladiator title & PvP mount Our recommendation

This offer concerns the earning of the gladiator rating. The character requires a suitable gear (5/5 arena set & all offsets & T1 weapon).

We are accepting pre-orders for the S11 gladiator! Order now, pay the advance payment of € 200,- and we will guarantee you a spot end of season.

If the gear is not available, but you are still interested, there is also the option of a “full-season service”.

€ 490,-

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Full season service & Gladiator title & PvP mount

This offer is our premium offer for WoW players.

From the beginning, we play games every week until the best possible PvP gear has been completed (5/5 set & T2 weapon & offset).

Additionally this includes the earning of the gladiator title and PvP mount.

The price depends on the type of the full season service. In the light version, we are just going to play 5 wins each week, to keep the cap high and it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the rest of the conquest point cap. In the premium version, we are taking care of everything.

Our luxury package for this season. You will also be favoured with our xfire streaming and with arranging play times.

€ 690,- or € 890,-

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