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Arena rating packages

2200 rating Das Einsteigerpaket für die Arena

The cheapest arena rating boost – with 2200 rating you are able to purchase the T2 weapon and the upgraded arena set. This service will be done in the 3v3 bracket.

You feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall in arena, because all decent players require you to have the 2200+ achievement? If you are fed up playing with average teammates all the time and not being able to improve, we help you out.

With a 2200 arena rating your char is getting all the achievements that are needed so highrated players consider you as a possible teammate. This removes the last obstacle to having a successful arena career!

€ 150,-

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Full Season Service (light)Our recommendation

The standard arena boost. Here we sky-rocket you to 2200 in the first 2 weeks of the new arena season. Afterwards, we will be playing 5 wins each week, to keep the conquest cap high and get you additional points. With a 2200+ rating throughout the season you are able to purchase T2 weapons or elite gear any time during the season!

The customer is responsible to get the rest of the weekly conquest points himself, through BGs, rated BGs or 2v2 arena.

€ 390,-

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Full season service (premium)
high rating and T2 weapon & 5/5 arena set & offsets

This is a full-range service that equips you with a complete PvP set From the beginning, we play games every week until the best possible PvP gear has been completed (5/5 set & T2 weapon & offset). Dominate your enemies on battlegrounds thanks to your expedient equipment and win duels!

After the set has been completed, you furthermore get the chance to order an upgrade for the gladiator rating!

€ 590,-

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