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The WoW arena


WoW arena services become increasingly popular. Many obstacles will be put in your way when you try to become a top arena player – overpowered classes, people with much better gear, counter-comps, team mates that just flame and shift the blame on you, not much time for the arena – just how can you accomplish what you would like to? offers solutions to achieve ambitious goals and rewards all the same. Starting with our arena rating boosts where our top priority is to earn ratings for you to get a better equipment, we also offer you personalised coaching lessons to improve your style of play by means of know-how directly from the pros.
Very popular as well is our service “play with a pro”, where one of our professional players lend you support and plays in the arena with you!
But we are also the right partner for people who only want to gather achievements or mounts. Our gladiator services provide ultimate exclusivity in WoW – a title that is registered by other players at once, and a 310% mount which can only be earned in this way.

General information about WoW and arena

General information about WoW and arena
The WoW arena was used first in WoW with the launch of the first expansion “Burning Crusade”. In the beginning, it had been designed more as an amusing pastime, but later tournaments were announced and held too. Hundreds of thousands of people world-wide watch these kinds of tournaments on a “livestream“, where the best players of the world compete with each other in the 3v3 arena mode.

Due to imbalances, the maker has had to take quite a lot of criticism so far, but always strives to balance out the arena as well as possible and to make it fair for everybody!

The seasons

The seasons
Season 1 and Season 2 were characterised by the fact that there were still very little top players and that the level was still very low in general. Then the first top players started to make movies (, recording their way of playing in the arena. Thousands of players watched these movies and adapted their own style of play.

In Season 3 and Season 4, RMP and WLD dominated the arena scene. Many classes, like for example Retribution Paladins, Moonkins or Elemental Shamans, were not present in the arena at all.

Season 5 was the first season after the release of the expansion “Wrath of the Lich King”. Unfortunately the arena was neglected in this time period and was very much unbalanced. At that point in time, Arcane Mages, Hunters, Death Knights and Holy Paladins dominated the arena, other classes had a very hard time and there were barely any of them.

In Season 6, the situation in the arena had improved considerably. Even if Blizzard had to face criticism again when trying to make all kinds of talent specs (Protection Paladin, Feral Druid, Destruction Warlock, Protection Warrior) suitable for the arena.

Season 7 and Season 8 were characterised by two comps – at that point in time, Melee Cleaves und Wizard Cleaves. Wizard Cleaves (a combination of 3 casters) dominated the arena and WoW tournaments. The ability to “one shot” targets from 100 to 0 made these combinations relatively unpopular.

In Season 9, the Cataclysm extension reappeared in the arena universe. Many things had changed – for example, the efficiency of “MS effects” was reduced considerably. Another just as interesting change is probably the fact that mages now also have "bloodlust" - a skill which could only be used by shamans up to then. We hope for a well-balanced and evenly matched season at the end of which the best players and not the players with the best combos will come out on top!

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