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WoW Gold

NEW! For arena boosts it is necessary to bring the gear to perfection. We also have to change gems or enchants, to make the char fully optimized for PvP. Often we had the issue, that a character did not have enough gold or just very small amount. But Gold is really easy and cheap to get in WoW!

We are also offering you gold now! Pros:

  1. Time saving! It can be very time-consuming to farm gold or get intense knowledge about the auction house. If you buy gold, you can save lots of valuable time!

  1. Most important currency in WoW! Gold isn’t just there to get the best gear all the time, it can also be used to purchase valuable items such as mounts or darkmoon cards.

  1. 100 % safe! Just like our arena boosts, we are only selling quality gold and this for very low prices.

  2. Fast delivery (often in very few hours!), we can deliver to each realm, full anonymity, 100 % english speaking support like in arena boosts – if you are ever in need of WoW Gold, then you’re at the right place!

We offer the following packages for WoW Gold:

10000 WoW Gold

Available on all EU realms!

€ 20,-

25000 WoW Gold

Available on all EU realms!

€ 40,-

50000 WoW Gold

Available on all EU realms!

€ 70,-

100000 WoW Gold

Available on all EU realms!

€ 110,-

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